Premium Package


New Yorkers may know best, but New York parents know better. This is what puts Smarter Toddler ahead of the pack. We are parents. We are teachers. We are all learners. A creative, passionate, supportive community always challenging the status quo and seeking new ways to learn and grow everyday. Anchored in diversity, we share a singular mission — growing today’s inquisitive little thinkers into tomorrow’s great innovators and doers.

Smarter Toddler support aimed to garner inbound inquiries to admit more children to their curriculum, as well as garner a larger social presence on Facebook following the release of new videos.

After a consultation with the head of Smarter Toddler our mission was clear: Create a video the captured the spirit of the school. Together we studied the ethos and married visuals to a comelling narrative, which spoke directly to Smarter Toddler's core demographic.

"When we met 929Media, we knew that they were the team that we needed them on board – that there were few others that were as well put together, as professional, dedicated and excited about the work that they do as they were. "

Robert Ming / Smarter Toddler

What's Included

  • 180 Second Commercial
  • 3 Full Day Shoot
  • Up to 5 Locations
  • Full Crew
  • Inclusion of Storyline
  • Narrative Voice Over
  • Storyboarded Scenes
  • Inclusion of Models