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Creating a video campaign for real estate developers

Fisher Brothers is one of the most respected real estate firms in New York City. When they were tasked with a new project, 1345 Avenue of the Americas - they knew it was important to launch a compelling video campaign.

But there was a challenge: The space didn’t exist yet.

The building was in development and completely under construction. We were tasked with producing a video campaign that avoided the property itself, and focused on the energy, excitement and lifestyle surrounding the Columbus Circle neighborhood - working alongside Sun & Moon Marketing Communications and Jill Photography.  

How did we film a property if it doesn't exist?!

Focus on the story surrounding the building. We researched a range of locations which represented the neighborhood during early morning, afternoon, and evening. Columbus Circle is an iconic area that proved to have the texture and energy we were expected to deliver. 

For this project, our producers scouted Columbus Circle, taking into consideration:

  • Who is our target audience?

  • Which iconic locations are best representative?

  • What type of interactions do we want to show in these locations?

  • At what time of day do we capture these locations?

  • What type of filming style to capture each moment?

After extensive, on location brainstorming, we built a thorough execution plan outlining what would be filmed on certain dates and times, considering the talent and props that would be part of the final production.

We were able to capture incredible sunrise and sunset views from the roof of the building, as well as a first person experience as a commuter on their way to the office and after work activities one would experience as a tenant of 1345 Sixth Avenue.

We integrated certain talent to represent the exact demographic - covering a wide range of filming from motion time lapses and hyper lapses to aerial and lifestyle footage, giving the viewer a unique look at what it’s like to be in the community surrounding 1345 6th Avenue.

Our client was thrilled with the campaign, which lives in the leasing office as well as online throughout various platforms.