If You’re Going to Do Something, Do it Right.


Videos have become a common tool to help sell real estate and for good reason: they work. Videos of properties make it easier for prospective buyers to narrow down their choices. Because increasingly time is money, prospective buyers are looking to videos to help them focus on properties they feel may be right for them and are worth seeing in person.

Buyers flock to videos, reports Reuters. About 90% of potential real estate buyers use the internet to search for homes, according to National Association of Realtors spokesman Walter Molony. Of this group, back in 2012, 21% said they use or look for online videos.

If your client wants to sell high end residential real estate in New York City and the surrounding area, your potential market isn’t just those in and around New York City. Because it’s one of the world’s greatest cities potential buyers are across the globe, at their computers, looking at listings and watching videos.

Because videos of real estate for sale have become so common, you need yours to stand out. If you have a high quality property for sale, you can communicate that high quality with a unique, beautifully shot video from 929Media. One example is the one for penthouse 2C at The Edge in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The video helped make possible a record sale at 34 North 7th Street. The $3,812,500 sale comes to $1900/square foot. Beyond the numbers, property owner Marc Blackwell had this to say about the video,

“My husband and I both get choked up when we see it. The nuance you found is so very special to us, and a truly profound look into this beautiful apartment we both love.”

Eugene Litvak, the Compass Listing Agent for property, had this to say about 929Media,

“The 929Media team have made a serious impact on my real estate business while also introducing me to new ways to add value to my customers. Beyond being masters of their craft these guys really care about their clients and were accommodating to me at every step.”

If you’re going to have a video produced of property you want to sell, do it right. Contact 929Media so you can discuss the property and your needs. You can also learn about how we can work together to help you tell your story to potential buyers around the block and around the world.