Emotions Drive Selling and Well Produced Videos Inspire Emotions


A real estate agent can use just about any media to market a property. But the use of the right media in the right way can get the best results for both the agent and the client. Videos produced by 929 Media are an effective way not only to get the attention of a potential buyer or lessor, but they convey emotions that can inspire that person to contact the listing agent.

Emotions drive our purchasing decisions, especially when it comes to real estate. We see our homes as reflections of ourselves, especially if you are in the market for high end real estate properties. There are practical considerations when buying any real estate but we’re all looking for a home, a place that fits our personality, a place where we can be ourselves and a shelter from the rest of the world.

This video of a property in the Georgica section of East Hampton, New York, is an example. If you’re in the market for property in this area of the world you’re financially successful. You probably live a very busy life and there’s a good chance that life is being lived in one of the busiest and most congested places on the planet, New York City.

If this is your situation you probably want a place to get away from your everyday life, but not so far that it’s impractical to get to and from that place. Through this video you get a feeling of being away from it all, of being able to enjoy peace and quiet, a place to relax, a place where your kids can be kids and enjoy wide open spaces. Through this video you see that what’s for sale is not just a couple buildings on a piece of property. What’s for sale is a sanctuary.

The facts of 81 Briar Patch Road will help close the deal.

  • An approximately 1.9-acre property located on Georgica Pond near the Fulling Preserve in East Hampton.

  • This magnificent 12,000 square foot home designed and sourced by preeminent builder Jeffrey Collé boasts 203 +/- feet of direct frontage on Georgica Pond.

  • The pond side 25' x 45' foot infinity-edged pool and spa, complete with outdoor grilling area, is surrounded by a wrap around terrace of beautiful Turkish limestone.

If you want to discuss how well produced videos can unleash the power of positive emotions to help you sell or lease high end real estate properties, contact 929 Media today so we can talk about how we can help you and your clients.