Video Content - The Long Game


Over the last five years of working with real estate agents and brokers, I’ve come to understand their marketing needs. One of the main concerns is that they believe video assets are useful, but also a financial risk. After all, it is an additional investment in a property and it has no guarantee of a return. But after further discussion, I am able to explain why in the long run, it's extremely valuable to have at least one strong piece of video content in your marketing repertoire. Let me explain.

A higher chance of selling your property

First and most obviously, creating video content to market a property has proven to lead to a higher chance of selling the property. As the digital world continually shifts towards video, it is essential to own a strong piece of video that you can lean on. Ultimately, it can be the make or break for potential clients. For my business, we have a proven blueprint (timelapse photography, aerial footage, an intensive location scout) that has brought clients from Ferrell, Douglas Elliman, Compass, and Sotheby’s a ton of success. There’s just no denying it is essential to invest in real estate video in 2018.

Impressing further clients

Say for one reason or another, the featured property doesn't sell. Most people would think they now have a useless piece of content that will rot on their hard drive for the rest of eternity. But I have helped clients find plenty of ways to re-use these videos after it’s initial life cycle.

1. Feature it on your personal site: Past clients have built their website’s landing page around our video because they want to associate their name and personal brand with a high quality piece of content. It is the first thing a visitor sees when they visit our client's website. This includes using the video as a background banner to having the full video featured on the homepage.


2. Present it during meetings: Brokers have credited our videos as the main way to impress new clients in person. Whether it's a key part of a presentation during their initial sales meeting or having it loop on the office’s TV screens, they find a way to get it in front of new clients.

3. Feature it on your social media channels: We always deliver dozens of smaller, more digestible pieces of content that can be used on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If a client of mine has an online presence, these become extremely valuable assets. We deliver several edits that feature the most eye popping, attention grabbing parts of a video to pull their followers in and make them look like Instagram influencers. Some clients even go as far as running paid advertisements targeting specific audiences who may be attracted to their next listing. Using these platforms allows our clients to tag other contributors in the video, such as the appliances (@subzero), the designers (@interiordesigners), etc. This further spurs conversation and engagement.


In today's competitive real estate market, it is vital to find ways to stick out, and having a well laid-out video marketing campaign has proven to be a huge success to top brokers at top agencies. Shoot me a message and let’s find out how we can grow your real estate business.