Best practices for showcasing lifestyle in your real estate videos

With every property, there is a golden opportunity to build a narrative and showcase a lifestyle through the unique features that it possesses.

That’s exactly what 929Media specializes in, and I want to run through some fundamental methods that help us deliver top results using one of our most successful videos, our Ferrell Building property video in Manalapan, Florida, as our prime example. The property was sold soon after the video circulated.

Depicting the Demographic

The most important thing we do first is get together with our client and hit the whiteboard. Together we pin down the exact demographic we want. Yes, this sounds obvious, but we’re looking at this not just from a marketing angle, but also a video production angle. Where do they shop? What they wear? What do they drive? We need to know what brands we will be putting in front of the camera and why.

We then compile a mood board as a visualization tool, giving us a clear idea on what we’ve landed on and making sure that we’re on the same page with the client.

We then use this mood board to build out a narrative of the video and determine how the characters will look, from their hair style to their shoes. Models are the perfect tool to help create a narrative and drive it forward. They are a pallet for potential buyers to project themselves onto; they can easily visualize their best lives in their dream houses. We always encourage the use of models in any project we take on for this reason.


Capturing the building through the lens of the environment

It’s crucial to start these videos with shots of the property from the perspective of the environment it is in. In this case, we utilized the ocean and the palm trees blowing in the wind to give the client an idea of just how boutique this house feels. This really sets the stage for the property that we’re about to explore.

Capturing the environment through the lens of the building

Another key element to making an engaging real estate video is to capture the personality of the property itself through the golden moments it possesses. This is our mantra. And it all starts with a rigorous walk through. As a field producer, I’m constantly aware of my toolkit: two videographers, a drone operator, a time lapse specialists, and an assistant. During the walk through, I take notes of all the key rooms and features that will be perfect to capitalize on, specifically checking each room and understanding how the natural light shifts throughout the course of a day. Each room has it's own “golden moment” at different times. For example, the kitchen can be best experienced during sunrise while the dining room is best during sunset.


Lastly, you need a strong post production team that can put together a strong video that makes this all worth it. I’m talking color correction, sound design, editing, etc. We’ve had clients in the past just ask for raw footage, only to see it all be poorly edited and ultimately wasted.

This is a proven blueprint that I use for my business with almost every property project that comes our way. As you can see, we used it during our shoot with Ferrell’s Manalapan property, the most expensive zipcode to live in in the United States. We were happy to learn that the building was soon sold after the video was published.

Have a property that you think fits the bill? Shoot me a message and let’s chat. Check out the final video below!